Lighting Design

"There are two types of light - the light that illuminates, and the glow that darkens."
— James Thurber

Know How

15p has a long experience in lighting design.

We work with architects and designers throughout Europe, taking care of every aspect of a project from the initial concept to its realization.

Application sectors

We illuminate yachts, monuments, parks, gardens, offices, hotels, restaurants, installations, private homes.

We have gained work experience in Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, UK, Russia.


We collaborate with: Spazio Experience di Davide Groppi, Officine Dasa, Altraluce, ecc.

Bespoke products

Power is nothing without control

We make each of your furnishing project unique thanks to handcrafted push-button panels available in a wide choice of shapes, processing and finishes.

Luce su misura

We create customized lighting fixtures to enhance the harmony of the entire design.

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