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We design and build premium solutions for home and office automation, High-end and professional audio video systems, acoustic treatment, home cinema, lighting design and control. We operate in residential, yachting, professional, retail and hospitality markets. 

15p trae il proprio nome dall’elemento chimico fosforo della tavola periodica degli elementi. L’etimologia di questo elemento, il cui significato in greco è portatore di luce, racchiude in senso lato l’essenza della nostra missione: portare nuove idee e soluzioni.

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Michele Calzolani
Michele CalzolaniInterior Technology Designer
Audio / Video Designer and Sales Manager. Long experience in luxury home automation (Yachting, Hospitality, & Real Estate). Passionate about light and everything that controls it. Active and passive-reactive acoustic expert. Proficient in Relux, AutoCAD, BlueBeam, Sketchup, Crestron, BSS, Easy. Architecture Study Support, end customer support, sales and integrated control.
Simone Ghermandi
Simone GhermandiSystem Integrator
Owner of MediaIntegra. System Integrator specialist in the home video audio video sector. Decades of experience as a control system programmer in the Smart Office perspective. Great experience also as installer and programmer of Crestron, AMX, RTI Control Systems. Great music connoisseur, trumpeter and talented guitarist. KNX certified partner.
Giorgia Giacomelli
Giorgia GiacomelliInterior e lighting designer
Curiosity and love for this job always push me to search for new materials and new products, making the project always innovative and tailored to the client. Specialized in residential and commercial interiors with particular attention paid to lighting.
Use of software such as AutoCad, Relux and SketchUp.
Graduated from the University of Rome La Sapienza in 2008 in Interior Architecture and Installation.
Marco Mollica
Marco MollicaProject Manager
Freelancer and System Integrator with great construction experience. He followed complex jobs in the nautical, residential and hotel sectors. Problem solver. KNX tutor.
Marco Campagna
Marco CampagnaInstaller
Tireless installer and Project Manager. Expert in KNX, My Home, Security and Home Automation systems. The long construction experience make it an excellent problem solver. Lover of precision at work.
Enrico Marini
Enrico MariniTechnical Manager
Twenty years of consolidated experience in the field of Broadcast. He has worked for RAI, FININVEST and SKY. Great expert of professional audio / video systems dedicated to the world of TV. System Integrator, programmer of Crestron control systems, AMX. He knows the whole world of Safety and integration with the most complex Control Systems very well.
Antonio Strafella
Antonio StrafellaTechnical Manager
Owner of Technological Laboratories with twenty years of experience in broadcasting. He worked for Mediaset, SKY, Telecom and Fastweb coordinating large high-innovation projects. Great expert in copper and optical fiber cabled data networks and special audio and video cabling. 2D and 3D CAD designer.
Denis Plazzer
Denis PlazzerTechnical Manager
Founder and partner of One Light, curious and picky, he always manages to give a better service to his customers. He founded a company that in addition to making electrical systems could provide assistance and support to customers who have been relying on them for more than 20 years to have ideas and projects that combine practicality, savings, comfort and that are welcoming especially in the sector. hotel for which they specialized.
Roberto Fracassi
Roberto FracassiStrategy Developer
Sales manager - Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific.
After long life experiences in different countries he is knowledgeable of foreign markets and international shipping.

Always attracted to the Chinese language and culture, he has made his passion a work tool.

Passionate about quality and precision, his business philosophy is never to sell what you wouldn't buy.

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Audio-Video + Lighting Design Studio


Audio-Video + Lighting Design Studio
Audio-Video + Lighting Design Studio
Audio-Video + Lighting Design Studio
Audio-Video + Lighting Design Studio
Audio-Video + Lighting Design Studio
Audio-Video + Lighting Design Studio
Audio-Video + Lighting Design Studio
Audio-Video + Lighting Design Studio